Other Services

Our goal is to make your countertop the most beautiful countertop in the world. Below are the services we offer that come with warranty to ensure not only you will receive the most beautiful custom products but with the best guarantee satisfaction.


The fabrication process is a flow of art. At Universal Stones, with today's new technology, stone fabrication becomes much faster and more simple. Granite is one of the hardest materials to work with. With the diamond-embedded-saw technology, we turn raw blocks into your masterpiece.

Universal Stones outsources most of its fabrication process for commercial projects overseas to minimize the heavy work loads in our Virginia operations. After contracts are awarded, we start to work on the shop drawings with a combination of field measurements. Once the shop drawings are approved, we release it to our overseas factories. They cut the stones to size and finish the edges as required by the approved shop drawings. Each finished products is carefully crated or palleted and then loaded into containers for shipment.

Universal Stones fabricates residential leads within its Virginia and Texas shops for individual clients. Customers can stop by the showrooms and warehouses to select the colors they like. Another important element that cannot be missing here is the Edge Profile. You may need to consult our experienced Sales Representatives to decide which edge profile you are choosing. Aside from edge, there are some other elements that need to be decided on, such as sinks and faucet styles. All of the above-mentioned will greatly affect the way of fabrication.


The installation process is a critical step in the cycle of stone businesses. It is the final procedure to the delivery service. Universal Stones takes pride in making sure that we have the highest quality of workmanship, no matter the size of the project. Our installers are detail-oriented and have extensive experience in the stone industry.


We have completed numerous large-volume commercial projects nationwide in VA, MD, TX, MA, GA, CT, etc. We have a capacity of installing 20 kitchens a day or approxmately 100 kitchens a week. We have a 3-day turn-around time from the time the cabinet is set. Our annual capacity is over 4,000 kitchens and we will ensure that our projects are complete according to the deadline, even if that requires overtime and weekend work on our part. We continue to build relationships and gain projects for the future with major developers and builders. We offer an 18-month standard warranty on craftsmanship.


For our residential projects, all jobs are done from custom field-measurements and templates are made if required. We have a one-week turn-around time for all kitchens regardless of their sizes. Expedite delivery is available upon request. We continue to gain residential projects by word-of-mouth and referrals. We offer a one-year standard warranty on craftsmanship.


An edge can make a difference. It can turn ordinary to extraordinary. That is why the selection of edge profiles is so important on granite and other natural stone countertops in the home. With today's high-tech edge profiling machines, there are virtually unlimited types of standard and custom edge designs available for the consumer. But surprisingly, only a handful of edge profiles are selected. There are some caveats to consider when selecting edge profiles for both Kitchens and Baths; Avoid sharp edges or profiles which are difficult to clean and are also vulnerable to chipping. It is critical to take the time to consult with our Specialists about this important element of your countertop. To help you understand edge profiles, here are our most popular ones according to our survey.


Universal Stones, Inc. warrants the owner of a Universal Stones granite countertop, that Universal Stones, Inc. at our option will repair or replace, without charge, any countertop piece if it fails due to manufacturing defects during the first 12 months for Residential and for the first 12 months for Commercial after the initial installation, except for damage caused by chemical or physical use or abuse. This warranty does not cover countertops that have been moved from their original installed location and it does not cover the natural characteristics of stones, which include, but are not limited to, color variations, water lines, and surface marks. This warranty also does not cover damage to your countertop caused by items out of our control, such as house settlements, fires, tornados, or other acts of nature.

Universal Stones, Inc.'s obligation is limited solely to the repair or replacement and the required labor charges of the Universal Stones granite countertop piece in question.

No implied or expressed warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose is covered by this warranty except as expressly stated herein. Universal Stones, Inc. shall not be held liable for any loss, whether direct or incidental, or consequential damages that may arise from the use or inability to use your Universal Stones Granite countertop.

For more information about our warranty, please contact:
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